Bindings for your bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation or similar.

We bind bachelor theses and master theses with spiral binding, hot glue binding, softcover binding or hardcover binding.
Hot glue binding, spiral binding, soft cover connection and hard cover connection
We offer any kind of binding for your bachelor thesis or master thesis (or dissertation of course). But what is best? The cheap adhesive binding? Or the noble hardcover binding? We introduce you to all types of bindings with example photos so that you can get a better idea. Use the calculator below to calculate in real time how your choice will affect the price.

Hardcover binding: deluxe and standard

Hardcover "Deluxe": Looks classy, ​​feels good

The "Deluxe" hardcover binding is by far the most elegant solution for presenting a bachelor's or master's thesis etc. and underlines the commitment and effort that the author has made. Like a book, the front and back are made of sturdy cardboard. The envelope is made of adhesive foil. We manufacture the "Deluxe" hardcover binding by hand, so that a corresponding lead time is absolutely necessary for production. Added to this is the drying time of the adhesive. Depending on the scope of the work and the desired number of copies, a production time of 1-3 working days can be expected.

Here is an example of a deluxe hardcover binding:

In addition, a deluxe binding only succeeds from a certain number of pages, so that the spine of the book is thick enough for gluing. Alternatively, thicker paper can be chosen to achieve the required thickness (just use the calculator below to test it).

We will take over the typesetting/design of the cover for you. Just tell us your idea and we will make you an offer. You can contact us here. For all bindings, by the way, you should convert your Word-file to a PDF  for printing.

Softcover binding

Softcover binding: The elegant variant

Another elegant variant of the bindings is the Softco connection. This "encloses" the printed pages almost completely and most closely resembles the cover of a paperback book. This type of binding does not require spine tape (see glue binding above), but offers an unbroken view from the left over the spine of the book to the right. The production time is 1-2 working days, depending on the scope of the work and the desired edition. Below you can calculate what the Softco connection costs. Note:
The binding usually only holds if there are enough sheets, which the calculator takes into account.

Here is an example of a softcover binding:
The design of the cover is of course entirely up to you, you have complete freedom. Many print the title on the front, some leave it "blank" or, for example, use "Bachelor's thesis" and the name of the author in a creative way.
Express orders are also possible with this bindings method. However, since the production is more complex than with an adhesive binding or spiral binding, prior agreement is absolutely necessary. Contact details you will find here.

Spiral binding

The spiral binding: Stable and practical

The spiral binding is a cheap way to bind a thesis. We punch holes on the left edge of the work and add the desired spiral to the stack. You can choose between the colors white, black or silver for the wire. Production (depending on the number of pages and desired copies) is usually 1 working day, sometimes faster. Express service is possible (completed within half a working day or faster) but only by prior arrangement to sort everything out. You can contact us at any time.

Here is an example of a spiral binding:
Please check with your university/technical college whether spiral binding is permitted, for example for a bachelor's or master's thesis. In our experience, a glue binding, soft cover connection or hard cover connection is mandatory. The spiral binding is also suitable for copies that have to be corrected again, or for "small" work such as a seminar paper, term paper or the like.

Glue binding

The glue binding: The classic among bindings

Perfect binding is the most popular type of binding of all. The classic, so to speak. We print your bachelor thesis / master thesis on the paper of your choice (more information on this in the printing section). Then we add black cardboard on the back or glossy foil on the front (Would you like a different color of cardboard? Then just leave us a brief information in the comments field during the ordering process). We then glue this stack together with black adhesive tape, done.

Here is an example of a glue binding:
This variant is one of the cheapest and is ideal for any types of theses. The production time (depending on the number of pages and desired copies) is usually 1 working day. In the case of adhesive binding, express deliveries are also possible, but only by prior arrangement. You can contact us at any time.

Hardcover "Standard": The clamp binding

The "Standard" hardcover version is a clamp binding and represents a cheap alternative to the classic "Deluxe" hardcover binding. The lower price is explained by the lower workload and the already finished cover. Specifically, we push the prints of your bachelor thesis or master thesis onto the spine of the book and clamp the pages. Visually, the "Standard" hardcover binding differs only slightly from the conventional clamp binding.

Here is an example of a "standard" hardcover binding.
ATTENTION FOR UNIVERSITY/SCHOOL WORKS: Inquire beforehand whether your institute accepts clamp binding ("standard") institute. There may be mandatory regulations that you must comply with. Then you should of course opt for the classic hard cover ("Deluxe"). Experience has shown that many institutes give their students free choice, but this varies from case to case. Therefore, once again the note: Please find out beforehand how the bachelor thesis or master thesis should be presented.

hot foil stamping and pressure embossing

Hot foil stamping or pressure embossing? What's what?

If you want to give the noble hardcover connection (and only with the hardcover connection the embossing does not work with any other binding) the "icing on the cake" you can opt for an embossing: either hot foil embossing or pressure embossing. Depending on the number of lines and letters, the prices differ significantly. In the calculator you can estimate the costs exactly.
The hot foil stamping is available in gold and silver, there are two different font sizes. Embossing, on the other hand, is more flexible: Here you can freely choose the font and even the color. Just make sure the lines aren't too delicate or the font is too small. Here you will find detailed information on embossing for your bachelor thesis / master thesis / dissertation.

Softcover and hardcover with PUR glue

We use extremely durable PUR glue. What's the benefit?

With the softcover and hardcover bindings, we use a special glue to produce your work. This has the advantage that the bond remains flexible and "supple" even after a very long time, in contrast to other adhesives that harden over a medium period of time.
This significantly increases the lifespan of your binding. Even after years on the shelf, your bachelor's thesis, master's thesis, project work or whatever can be opened without it "disintegrating". Priced at a low level, but absolutely high quality.

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