Digital archive

We digitise and catalogue your data. Full access control, space-saving, functional - these are your benefits.

The digital archivce - space-saving, safe, functional

Scan and archive

We not only digitalise your documents, we archive them as well – and according to your own filing system, so that they are easy to find. What exactly do we do?

  • We scan your files either in your office or in one of our branches.
  • We create a manual or automatic index.
  • We create structured PDF archives with text recognition, bookmarks and search functions.
  • We create online archives that you can access from anywhere in the world.
  • We prepare your files for integration into your database.
  • We offer data backup on microfilm as an additional long-term archive and backup solution. 

Archive as TIFF, JPEG, PDF

We are also happy to create a digital archive, which can be made accessible online from anywhere in the world upon request. To do this, we convert your files into TIFF or JPG formats with a resolution of 200 dpi or more. Of course we also offer other resolutions and file formats if required. Please ask us in person or send us an email for more information. 

Optional: Predictive text

A digital archive has many advantages. Not only does it save space and is at lower risk from fire. Files are also much easier to transport, and can be made accessible simply through sharing a password. For whoever wishes to save their files using minimum space but still wants a long-term solution, there is the option of microfilm. 

Backup on CD, DVD, USB etc.

We back up your digital archive for you on CD/DVD, hard disk, USB etc. In addition to our CD and DVD burning service, we can also print on CDs and DVDs. Questions? We are happy to help. Contact us.

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