Digital archive

We digitise and catalogue your data. Full access control, space-saving, functional - these are your benefits.

The digital archivce - practical, space-saving, secure

Scan and archive

With us, you not only get your documents digitized, we also archive them - according to your classification system, so that you can find everything again. Our service:

  • scanning your documents
  • create manual or automatic indexing
  • create structured PDF archives with text recognition, bookmarks and search functions
  • prepare your data for integration into your database
  • data backup on microfilm as an additional long-term archiving and backup solution

Data archiving - TIFF, JPEG, PDF

We convert your files into TIFF or JPG formats with a resolution of 200 dpi or more. Of course we also offer other resolutions and file formats if required. For more information, please ask us personally or send us an e-mail. 

Backup to storage medium of your choice

We save your digital archive for you on CD/DVD, hard drive, USB etc. In addition to our burning service, we also print CDs and DVDs, enabling you to archive clearly and easily. Just ask us.

  • Digital archive
  • Digital archive
  • Digital archive
  • Digital archive
  • Digital archive
  • Digital archive

Everything you need to know about the digital archive

  • space-saving, practical, full access control
  • easy to share and carry
  • indexing and OCR text recognition
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