Shipping costs for the online shop (other prices apply to orders by mail/on site):

With us You only pay as much in shipping costs as you actually incurred. We base this on the weight of your order (e.g. canvas). Packaging costs are always added (even if you pick them up yourself). Similar items (e.g. acrylic plates und PVC plates) are grounded together and packed as efficiently as possible to ensure they end up in the lowest possible shipping class. We differentiate between three product groups, which we we frank separately:

1) posters, banners & stickers: rerolled, packege size
2) plates & canvas: by weight / sqm, pakaging size
3) displays/gift ideas etc.: by weight / sqm, packaging size

Occasionally orders may be relatively light, but still large (e.g. 1.50 m x 2.50 m capacity). Since this is beyond the scope  of our shipping service provider, "dimensional weight" comes to play. This is calculated from length (in cm) x width (in cm) x hight (by default 15 cm) divided by 9000 (extreme case above: 150 x 250 x 15 = 562.500; 562.500 : 9000 = 62.5 kg volumetric weight).
Shipping is currently to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Other countries on request by e-mail.

Information about our delivery times:
We always try to complete your order as quickly as possible. Depending on the the scope, this can go faster or take longer. A general processing time can therefore not be given.
As a rule, we need 3-4 working days until we hand over an order to our shipping partner. Delivery is usually on the next working day or the day after that. When ordering, please allow an estimated production time of 5 - 6 working days.

Once again the note: Depending on the scope and workload of production, this can take longer (but it can also be faster).

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