Photocopies and color copies

As a professional copy shop in Munich, we copy your DIN A4 and DIN A3 templates in color or black and white, in high quality and in the shortest possible time. Our specialist staff will be happy to advise you.

The WENZEL copy service - your top copy shop in Munich

A professional copy shop in Munich needs professional staff. At WENZEL you can rely on the fact that we employ experts who will advise you when it comes to special settings or types of paper. For short-term use you have the choice between the classic 80g paper. Fine papers between 100g and 160g, e.g. for theses. Or cardboard-like papers from 200g to 300g for fine prints, photocopies, etc. Should it be an XXL print? Our portfolio goes beyond that of an ordinary copy shop in Munich: You can get your large-format photo from us on poster papers and many other materials.

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Black and white or colored

We are happy to copy onto overheads, self-adhesive film or other materials. In addition sizes change from 10% to 400%, are no problem. We also provide photocopies: 

  • double-sided 
  • perforated 
  • stapled 
  • folded (e.g. letters) 

In addition to copying, WENZEL also masters digitizing/scanning and printing. These services are not typical for a copy shop, but for us they are part of it.

Depending on your wishes, we can copy your templates onto 80g to 220g paper, but also onto overhead transparencies, self-adhesive foils and, of course, onto other materials of your choice.
We easily master size changes from 10% to 200% and double-sided copying of your templates. For fast processing, our machines are equipped with online binding systems for stapling or thermal binding as well as folding and saddle stitching machines. With numerous other processing options, you can design your products according to your personal wishes. Incidentally, you can come to one of our copy shop-branches in Munich or order online when it comes to printing + binding (e.g. for a thesis).

Our standard materials

  • paper 80 g/sqm colored
  • paper 100 g/sqm laser
  • paper 110 g/sqm white
  • paper 120 g/sqm laser
  • paper 160 g/sqm white/colored
  • paper 220 g/sqm white
  • paper 220 g/sqm glossy
  • paper 250 g/sqm white/BioTop
  • paper 290 g/sqm planocard
  • paper 300 g/sqm white
  • overhead slide