Photocopies and coloured copies

We produce high-quality photocopies of your DIN A4 and DIN A3 templates, in colour or in black and white, within a very short space of time.

Better, faster, nicer: WENZEL copy service

Our qualified staff are there to advise you on particular settings or varieties of paper – just as you would expect from a copy shop in Munich. You have the choice between classic 80g paper for short-term use; premium paper between 100g and 160g, e.g. for dissertations; or cardboard-like paper between 200g and 300g for high-class copies, copies of pictures etc. 

  • Copying
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Black and white or coloured

We are happy to copy onto overheads, self-adhesive film or other materials. Changes in size, from 10% to 400%, are not a problem. Besides these options, we also provide photocopies that are: 

  • double-sided 
  • hole-punched 
  • stapled 
  • folded (e.g. letters) 

Besides copying, WENZEL also provides digitalisation, scanning and printing services. Depending on your requirements, we copy your templates onto 80g to 220g paper, overheads, self-adhesive film and further materials of your choice. 

We are also happy to make changes in size, from 10% to 200%, and to make double-sided copies of your template. In order to process your files quickly, our machines have online binding systems for stapling, thermal binding and automatically folded and saddle-stitched units. With our huge range of processing options, you can design your products just the way you like. 

We are happy to scan or (re-)print your documents. Just let us know what we can do for you. If requested, we can also seal, laminate or bind your templates. 

Here is a selection of our standard materials:
  • Paper 80 g/sqm colour 
  • Paper 100 g/sqm Laser 
  • Paper 110 g/sqm white 
  • Paper 120 g/sqm Laser 
  • Paper 160 g/sqm white 
  • Paper 160 g/sqm colour Paper 220 g/sqm white 
  • Paper 220 g/sqm glossy Paper 250 g/sqm white 
  • Paper 250 g/sqm Bio Top Paper 290 g/sqm Planocard Paper 300 g/sqm white 
  • Overhead 

Our standard materials

  • Papier 80 g/qm farbig
  • Papier 100 g/qm Laser
  • Papier 110 g/qm weiß
  • Papier 120 g/qm Laser
  • Papier 160 g/qm weiß/farbig
  • Papier 220 g/qm weiß
  • Papier 220 g/qm glossy
  • Papier 250 g/qm weiß/BioTop
  • Papier 290 g/qm Planocard
  • Papier 300 g/qm weiß
  • Overheadfolie