Large format copies

Our copy service for large format: Plans, technical documents, master prints, drawings, DIN A0 or bigger, coloured or black and white

Large format / CAD

We copy construction palns, technical documents, drawings aso.

We create large format copies (e.g. construction plans, technical documents, master prints, drawings etc.) both of transparent, opaque and mounted templates quickly and straightforwardly. We are also able to produce extra-wide prints with a print width of up to 127 cm. Neither colour nor black and white is an issue. 

Large format prints on different papers

Depending on your specifications, we copy your templates onto 80g, 120g or 160g paper, and are also happy to copy onto 95g transparencies or film (0.10 mm). Of course we can create your copies on other special materials: you can choose between coloured paper, fluorescent paper or linen. 

Our additional copying service/processing options

We cut and fold your plans online or offline, depending on the type of fold. 

  • with filing margin - without filing margin 
  • with punch hole reinforcements 
  • with punch hole reinforcement strips 
  • We would love to hear from you – at any time! 
  • folding according to Munich LBK specifications, with or without white cover page or special formats smaller than DIN A4, e.g. brochure inserts 
If required, we can also scan and (re-)print your plans. What can we do for you? Contact us.
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