Adhesive film for indoor use

Low-cost adhesive film for indoor use, e.g. advertisement on windows, as wall decoration, guide, sign etc.

1. Product

[?] x [?] cm
Für den Innenbereich, haftet an glatten Oberflächen, millimetergenau zuschneidbar, Fläche, Buchstaben etc. Geeignet für Werbehinweise, Schaufensterwerbung, Hinweise, Weigweiser

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Price without tax:
EUR 16,80
VAT 19%:
EUR 3,19
EUR 19,99

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Indoor adhesive film

You can choose between three varieties of adhesive film for indoor use. The most popular is white adhesive film. Your image is printed onto the blank sticker and cut out. The smallest available format is 2 x 2 cm. On request, we can laminate the adhesive film so it is protected against UV light for longer. Contact us.

Another alternative is transparent adhesive film. Your image is printed onto transparent material and cut out. The third option is transparent adhesive film with white print. Here, only certain areas are printed white (e.g. for a coat of arms), and the rest all around is left as it is. We are happy to cut the stickers to size on request; round shapes etc. are possible (please send us an individual email enquiry). Questions? We are happy to help.

  • Adhesive film indoor
  • Adhesive film indoor
  • Adhesive film indoor
  • Adhesive film indoor
  • Adhesive film indoor
  • Adhesive film indoor
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