Adhesive film outdoor

The outdoor adhesive film is made for surfaces outside. Perfect for markings on walls, doors, cars aso.


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Adhesive film for outoor use

You can select between three variants of the adhesive film for indoor use. The two most common variants are white (standard), tranparent and transparent with white printing. With the latter, we print your desired motif on tansparentfilm with white areas, but leave out parts of the material if you wish. We also can cut and deliver single-colored adhesive film for you with precision or assemble them, on your shop window or do a vehicle lettering. The smallest format is 2 x 2 cm. Please note: for a good assembling result with maximum adhesion outdoors, the film should be assembled at 10 degrees Celsius or higher.

The outdoor adhesive film should be mounted at +10 degrees Celsius or warmer. After 2-3 days it has reached its final adhesive strength, so that a visit to the car wash, for example, is not a problem. On request, we can laminate the film to protect it even better from scratches and bumps. This also increases resistance to UV radiation. The polymeric outer film is inherently more resilient and therefore slightly more expensive than the monomeric indoor adhesive film. Questions? A phone call or an e-mail is sufficient.

  • Adhesive film outdoor
  • Adhesive film outdoor
  • Adhesive film outdoor
  • Adhesive film outdoor
  • Adhesive film outdoor
  • Adhesive film outdoor

All you need to know about outdoor adhesive film

  • high adhesive force even under adverse conditions
  • printed or as a single color film
  • assembly service bookable
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