Adhesive film outdoor

The outdoor adhesive film is made for surfaces outside. Perfect for markings on walls, doors, cars aso.

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Adhesive film for outoor use

You can choose between three varieties of adhesive film for outdoor use: white (standard), transparent or transparent with white print. With this last option, we print your image onto transparent film with white areas, but can leave parts of the material blank at your request. Carwash? Not a problem! 

Adhesive film for outdoor use should be applied at temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius/50 degrees Fahrenheit and above. After 2 to 3 days, the sticker will have become fixed, so that a trip to the carwash, for example, is not a problem. If required, we can laminate the film so as to afford better protection from splashes of water and to heighten its resistance to UV light. Contact us.

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