Scan and digitalization

We scan everything - slides, constructions plans, framed paintings. Everything is possible.


Small format

Photos, documents and newspaper articles – color scans up to A3 size are no problem at all for our scanning service here in Munich, even in large quantities. We scan your documents with a maximum resolution of 600 dpi. Target formats include, for example, PDF, TIFF and JPG files. While scanning, we create an index of the files and always follow your specifications regarding names and keywords.

Large format

Plans, drawings, designs – we can scan all these and much more besides in outstanding quality. Our sheet-fed scanner can handle anything up to a width of 127 cm. With our Hornet flatbed scanner it is possible for us to scan formats up to 2 x A0 in a single pass. Even larger formats can be processed too, by making multiple scans and combining the results. Questions?
Just let us know.

Scan paintings

Using our Hornet scanner, we can digitise paintings of all types. Thanks to our clever lighting system, even artworks in frames or behind glass present no problem. Because the scanning is contactless, the originals can be protected extremely carefully. Even the smallest details are captured in print quality in a single file, which can be used for reproductions of artworks. 

Scan slides

Don't let old memories fade or gather dust just because they are stored on old media such as slides, rolls of film, VHS tapes, etc. We digitise your memories. The files created can be viewed on a computer and also used for printing as required. Now, revisiting your memories is easier than ever and the inconvenience of storage is a thing of the past.


Do you have scanned files or construction plans that you would like to edit? No problem! We can convert your documents to DWG or DXF format ready for processing. After conversion, it is possible to make changes to different layers. We provide a choice of service levels that allow you to specify the desired number of layers. 

Microfilm and digital archiving

Microfilm is a technology-independent storage medium that can be archived for hundreds of years. Our service provides two options: converting existing microfilms to digital format, or outputting digital files onto microfilm. We can create microfilms of all manner of documents, including construction plans, designs and drawings, that you may need to store without relying on computer software or hardware.

  • Scanning and digitising
  • Scanning and digitising
  • Scanning and digitising
  • Scanning and digitising
  • Scanning and digitising
  • Scanning and digitising

Everything you need to know about the Scan Service

  • extremely versatile in terms of the material and format to be scanned
  • have slides, paintings, maps, books scanned
  • microfilming and post-enlargement
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