Digital prints lage and small format:

Please note the follwoing guidelines:
1. Print data
We always process PDF files, if possible PDF X3 or "up". All data must be created in CMYK mode in order to achieve an optimal result. The following applies to blueprints: RGB mode, reduced to one level, fonts integrated. The delivery of open files (WORD documents, Powerpoint), which we have to convert into a printable format on our premises, costs €60.00 per hour. The linked images and fonts (screen and printer fonts) must also be saved. When converting from an open format (e.g. WORD file) to a closed format (PDF), we accept no liability for the content. The format, fonts, etc. may no longer match.
In the case of additional correction work, correction work due to printing or changes due to printing, the workload is calculated according to time (60 euros/hour).

2. Data attachment
In the best case, create your data in a 1:1 ratio. If the data is not 1:1, this must be specified when ordering (e.g. in an email to us).

Depending on the desired product, the data should always contain a 3 mm bleed and crop marks.

With crop marks please sent us data for:

- brochures, prospectuses, flyers etc.

- business cards

- bleed off single prints

- photo books

Without crop marks please provide data for:

- Posters

- all kinds of plates (PVC, acrylic, Alu Dibond, canvas, etc.)

- all kinds of gift items (photo puzzle, mugs, t-shirts, etc.)

- plot files

- adhesive film, banners, roll-ups
3. Resolution
Lines, areas and fonts should be designed as vector graphics. This also reduces the amount of data and the graphic can be enlarged as required.

When playing pixel images with a resolution of 300 dpi, you will get a good result with a system in 1:1 format. At a viewing distance of two to six meters, 200 dpi is sufficient.

Fonts need to be converted to curves as we cannot provide every font.
4. Color setting
Colors must be created in CMYK mode (without a color profile). Embedded ICC profiles can only be taken into account if expressly requested. Please make a note of this in writing when placing your order.

Special colors can only be imitated in digital printing. These are automatically converted to CMYK in the printout. There may be color deviations. We recommend converting spot colors to CMYK in advance.

If different areas or levels are on top of each other, it must be ensured that none of the areas is accidentally overpressurized. This can discolor the surface.

In digital printing, a rich black can only be achieved with a four-color black. Therefore, black elements must be created in the following values: C60 M60 Y60 K100
5. Control
Without color printing, e.g. via JPG, we cannot guarantee a perfect print result. Complaints cannot be made without a printout. On request, we can create a control printout at cost price of EUR 7 and send it to you for approval. This control printout is not color-binding.

For complicated motifs, we recommend a proof. Proofs or color adjustments will be charged at cost.
On request, we can create FOGRA-certified proofs. Depending on the size / format, these cost from €30.00. Please allow 1-2 business days longer for this.
Important note:
If you order flags or sublimations, we ask you to deliver your data with a bleed of at least 100 mm above and below and at least 50 mm on the right and left. We need more material for the assembly (e.g. hemstitch).
Delivery time for all sublimation prints on polyester fabric (120g/sqm) is between 5 and 7 days, depending on the edition. Quantitites of more than 200 pieces can also be produced using chemical overprinting. The motifs musn't contain a grid (photo, etc.).
Print motifs are possible up to a roll widt of 200cm. Wider prints (e.g. tarpaulins) are also possible and will be carried out by us on request.
We accept no liability for defects in printed matter or delays in delivery  caused by non compliance with these requirements.
Plot CAD:
We do not plot directliy from CAD applications like Auto-CAD or Archi-CAD and do not process DWG or DXF files directly. You create an HPGL/2 plot file on your system by performing the "print to file" or "plot to file" steps for an HP Designjet plotter.
This creates a plot file with specifies sheet sizes, pen mappings and fonts with one of the following file formats:
plt, hpg, plo
If it is not possible for yout to create plot files, we will of course create them for you, the prerequisite is that plans are created in the DWG/DXF file.
Postscript files:
Postscript is a page description language for printers und imagesetters. Postscript files are not created by saving them ina special file fromat , but by printing them on a file. All you have to do is install the appropriate printer driver and "print" the document to a file.
You can find out how to create PDFs in the manual for your software.
We can read the following file carriers: CD, DVD, USB-Stick, Smart Media, Memory Stick, Compact Flash, SD Card, MM Card. Of course you can also send us your file by e-mail or file upload via our website to the respective branch.
For file transfers, we are happy to burn CDs or DVDs oder save them on USB, hard drives etc.
Of course we print your logo or image in color on your file carrirer if required.