Business cards - in small and large quantities

Additional desired finishes and relief prints are no problem at WENZEL.

Have business cards printed? Gladly with us!

Fast, inexpensive, in all editions

We print business cards for your first contact with business partners in excellent quality and with the necessary many years of experience. You can also get small runs at a reasonable price because we can offer you digitally printed business cards. You have the choice between different papers. we would also be happy to make you an individual offer if, for example, you place recurring orders with us.

Impress with business cards? Of course it works! 

We don't just print your business cards on fine paper - we also choose unusual materials, such as aluminium, on request. This makes them indestructible and a real eye-catcher. Of course, we also master all the other "tricks", e.g. perforations, die-cuts, etc. You can also deviate from the standard format ("credit card size" 85 x 55 mm) of the business card and shorten one side, for example.

Business cards in relief printing – the high-quality variant

We are also happy to print business cards in relief printing. We first produce them using offset printing and then immediately process them further with a powder. After drying, a relief can be seen and felt. With this variant you are out of the ordinary, because not everyone has something like that. Of course, relief printing is possible on both sides and in multiple colors. You can find more about this product here.

Letterpress business cards

The letterpress business card is particularly elegant and handmade. No paper, but fine cardboard with a weight of 600g/sqm gives every business card that certain something and will be remembered. The result is an inwardly pressed relief that can be seen and felt. The business card becomes something for the eye and the hand. A color cut (colored edge) is also possible, it couldn't be more exclusive. Just ask us right here.

  • Business Cards & Invitations
  • Business Cards & Invitations
  • Business Cards & Invitations
  • Business Cards & Invitations
  • Business Cards & Invitations
  • Business Cards & Invitations

All you need to know about business cards

  • high or low quantities
  • standard paper or various other variants
  • noble relief printing or letterpress possible
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