Large format scans / scan of construction plans

We scan large format documents four you. Even Scans im Großformat sind für uns kein Problem. Even formats up to 2x DIN A0 and bigger are possible.

Large format scans

We scan coloured plans, sketches or pictures either in “True Colour” or shades of grey. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to produce optimum scan results even from dark copies or yellowing or dirty plans. Neither large numbers of plans nor large formats pose any problem. We also deliver excellent results for scans in black and white. 

Scanning up to 127 cm

We scan templates up to a maximum width of 127 cm and a thickness of 10 mm. Upon request, we are also happy to: 

  • rotate your scanned files
  • justify them
  • trim them (e.g. along the margin), and
  • clean up the files. 

Digital archive

We are also happy to create a digital archive, which can be made accessible online anywhere in the world upon request. To do this, we convert your files into TIFF or JPG formats with a resolution of 200 dpi or more. Of course we also offer other resolutions and file formats if required. Please ask us in person or send us an email for more information. 

You would like to edit your scanned files in your CAD programme? No problem: we are happy to assist you and convert your plans or raster data into DXF format. You can select different levels of service, each producing different numbers of layers – of course after they have been subjected to a professional examination by one of our external partners. The quality of the vectorisation depends strongly upon the quality of the original sketches. We are happy to create a test excerpt free of charge. Simply send us your sample, or come and see us. 

Scanning in Munich. In-house courier.

Our scanning service is comprehensive and integrated. There is no need to bring your documents for scanning to us yourselves – our in-house courier will come to you anywhere in Munich to pick them up. After collection, we carry out the scanning at our main facility in Munich, then send the files and bring the documents back to you. Scanning in Munich has never been easier. Just get in touch with our scanning service team.

Oversized formats up to 2 x A0 and larger

Using our Hornet scanner we can digitise even the largest items. Formats up to 2 x A0 can be scanned in a single pass, but if the items are larger then we can scan them in several passes and assemble the individual images. Any type of item can be scanned, including maps, construction plans and paintings. For more information about our mega-scanner, click here.

  • Large format & plan scans
  • Large format & plan scans
  • Large format & plan scans
  • Large format & plan scans
  • Large format & plan scans
  • Large format & plan scans
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