Small format and slide scan

Color or black and white, books, sheets, slides, photos - we scan everything for you.

small format scans

Photos, documents, newspaper articles or photos: Color scans up to DIN A3 format, even in large quantities, are no problem for our scan service here in Munich. We process your templates with a maximum resolution of 1200 dpi. We are also happy to scan double-sided documents. Target formats are e.g. PDF, TIFF or JPG files. The indexing (naming/keywording) of the files is always carried out according to your specifications.

Scanning service with image processing

After scanning, we also take over the complete image processing and color corrections if required. Of course, we can also print out your templates afterwards. Whether complete receipts, receipts or just a few individual pages: document scans up to DIN A3 format are the order of the day.

Our scan service does not only include Munich (city) as a catchment area. If you wish, our in-house courier service can also come to you in the immediate vicinity (just ask us if our courier can come to you). Alternatively, you can send us your documents, your slides  (detailed information on scanning slides can be found here), your microfilms, etc. As soon as we have everything, we scan in the best quality and according to your wishes with regard to further use.

Scanning at copy speed

Our special scanning systems process up to 50 pages/minute - i.e. scanning at copy speed, even with documents with front and back. Finally, we may save your data on the medium of your choice, e.g. USB, CD, DVD, hard drive, etc. Questions? We are happy to help.

  • Small format and slide scan
  • Small format and slide scan
  • Small format and slide scan
  • Small format and slide scan
  • Small format and slide scan
  • Small format and slide scan
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Everything you need to know about small format scanning

  • color or black and white, any level of quality you want
  • from paper to photo to slide or microfilm, everything is possible
  • storage on USB, CD, DVD, hard drive possible