Art reproduction and more

We can scan paintings, maps, documents with seals, and much more besides. Up to 2 x A0 and larger.

Scanning of framed artworks behind glass

We make it possible to digitise your works of art and print them on fine art print materials. Whether it is an oil painting, watercolour, drawing or any other type of picture, framed or unframed, our XXXL Hornet scanner lets us digitise items at the highest quality up to sizes of 168 x 119 cm. The depth of the item can be up to 20 cm and we can achieve a depth of focus of up to 16 cm. A particularly important feature of our system is its excellent lighting using non-harmful LED technology. Even works of art behind glass can be scanned without reflections thanks to the well-designed lighting. Questions? We look forward to hearing from you.

Print digitised artworks onto premium quality materials

After digitising, we can always print your artwork onto the material of your choice because we scan at print quality, that is at 300 dpi. We offer a range of papers from Hahnemühle FineArt (William Turner, Torchon). But that's not all! Our range also includes high-quality board materials, including acrylic glass, alu dibond, Gallery print and much, much more. Printing onto canvas also delivers consistently outstanding results (see photo comparing original/canvas/alu dibond). You can choose between classic artist's canvas or the woven synthetic fibre of our polycotton canvases. This means that you can archive your artworks and protect them from the type of deterioration caused by exposure to light, exhibiting, storage and other activities that could cause wear.

Digitise books and folders/documents with a seal

It's not just works of art that we reproduce though. It is also possible for us to digitise hard-to-access documents. Things like old books, for example. We are able to treat these in a particularly careful way. The open book sits completely naturally and flat on the scanner. It does not need to be turned over and it is possible to turn the pages carefully. The results are outstanding (see photos), regardless of whether the book contains images, text or drawings. The same applies to documents, certificates, etc. in folders with a seal. Thanks to a height-adjustable section on the scanning bed, it is also possible to capture firmly secured items for scanning. So we can guarantee both that the quality of the scan is outstanding and that the seal remains intact. This service makes it easier for notaries, for example, to share or archive a document.

Contactless direct digitisation of sensitive documents, e.g. old maps

Another advantage of our Hornet scanner is that we can duplicate documents that are unsuitable for a sheet-fed scanner. Particularly, this includes items like old maps with tears and historical posters that would only become further damaged by conventional scanning. There is no more gentle way to scan this type of object. We spread the documents out on the scanning bed carefully and can even scan through protective transparent casings. No folding, no sheet feeder, nothing that can cause damage – the scan is contactless and captures the whole document. What's more, the scan itself only takes a couple of seconds, minimising the time that the document is exposed to the scanning process. We can also digitise all manner of historical documents, certificates, ornaments, figurines, textured items, etc. in outstanding quality.

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