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Your Foto on FineArt print paper. Structured, bright white, with or without a frame and passe-partout. We have papers like Albrecht Dürer, William Turner, Hahnemühle Torchon, Florenz or canvases like Florence, Venezia and Como.


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Fourdrinier watercolor board, fine paper for art reproductions, certificates, presentation prints for the demanding artist, offers best color reproduction and greatest surface durability


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FineArt Print, precious papers for all needs

Hahnemühle Albrecht Dürer

The natural white paper "Albrecht Dürer" has a weight of 210g/sqm and is real handmade material. Albrecht Dürer is suitable, among other things, for art reproductions, certificates, presentation prints - i.e. all types of fine art prints that exist. A special touch gives this material the light surface structure. The paper is also characterized by good ink absorption and excellent color reproduction. The acid-free Albrecht Dürer paper is extremely resistant to aging and conveys the quality and warmth of an original, hand-made work of art. Questions? Just contact us.

William Turner

William Turner is 100% rags. One side of the fine art print material is matt inkjet-coated. Nature lovers will get their money's worth, because this paper has an irregular structure that gives it an elegant, natural touch. In other words: the imperfect makes this material perfect. William Turner reproduces both color and b/w prints well and lends itself to watercolor paintings. Questions? Just contact WENZEL.

Smooth Cotton

Museum White Smooth Cotton is a matt, bright white paper made from 100% cotton. The material has a smooth, velvety surface, making it ideal for long-lasting photo and art reproductions. Smooth Cotton is the perfect support for photo projects where the finish and appearance of the results must be of high quality. In addition, Smooth Cotton delivers excellent, harmonious color intensity, which also applies to motifs with shades of gray and a high proportion of black. The paper is archival and aging resistant. Questions? Contact WENZEL.


The Sihl Master Class Barite 4848 has a grammage of 290g/sqm. Galleries and museums like to use this paper. The material is ideal for photos in black and white, as the baryte itself has a high luminosity and black tones form a correspondingly high-contrast. Even fine, filigree lines can be printed perfectly. The archival stability - i.e. longevity - speaks for this material. This paper can be combined very well with our passe-partout with frame. Do you have questions for the WENZEL team? Come to us, wir we will be happy to help you at any time.

Hahnemühle Torchon

Torchon paper is also suitable for watercolor paintings as it emphasizes the impact and character of the watercolor painting. High-contrast works with rich colors come into their own, as do open, airy compositions. The FineArt paper has an ink-receiving layer that emphasizes the paper's character. The 285 g/m² material can be used in many ways, for example for presentation prints, art prints, certificates, business cards, but also invitation cards, greeting cards, menus, thank you cards, fine vouchers, etc. Do you have any questions? Just get in touch with us.

Leonardo Canvas

Leonardo Canvas is the fine art print version of canvas. This material has a resistant, durable and water-repellent surface with high lifetime. Its fine and soft structure makes it a great solution for art reproduction and prints of photographs. Leonardo Canvas is partly made of cotton and partly made of polyester. The weight of this bright white material is 390g/sqm and can show a big range of color scales. Flows are shown true to original, lines are printed precisely and clearly. Leonardo Canvas is made for both black and white and colored subjects. It is perfect for limited editions, exhibition or presentation prints. Questions? Ask us anything anytime.


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Canvas Florenz

Canvas Florence is made from 100% cotton and weighs 395g/sqm. The colors are rich and brilliant. The fabric is coated on one side and is suitable for demanding fine art applications. The interesting structure of the material remains visible even after printing. The surface is largely water-repellent. If you wish, you can also order the material without a wooden frame, as it stretches relatively easily. If desired, Canvas Florence can also be sewn and used as a banner.

Canvas Venezia

Canvas Venezia is a densely woven, dimensionally stable satin fabric. Above all, art and photo productions can be realized at a premium level. Canvas Venezia has a weight of 350 gsm and a semi-matt character. A smearing of the colors is almost impossible due to the extremely short drying time, even wafer-thin lines are razor-sharp. This canvas variant can also be used as a banner as it can be sewn and eyeleted. On request, we can also deliver the print without a wooden stretcher frame.

Canvas Como

Canvas Como is a medium-fine structured material with a silky matt character. Die hochweiße FineArt-Leinwand ist das ideale Medium für art reproductions and representative image prints. The canvas fabric is ÖkoTex-certified and offers an excellent color space. The material consists of a mixture of cotton and polyester fibers. Due to the coating, the print dries very quickly, even with a large amount of ink. Motifs with rich colors are the ideal challenge for this canvas variant, which weighs 340 gsm. After drying, the material is splash-proof, durable and relatively insensitive to external influences.

Of course we also have the classic canvas in our range.

Do you have any questions for us? Then feel free to contact us any time. We look forward to your inquiry.

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