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Your Foto on FineArt print paper. Structured, bright white, with or without a frame and passepartout. We can offer you papers like Albrecht Dürer, William Turner and many more.

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[?] x [?] cm
Leinwand Canvas 395g/m² für Kunstreproduktionen
und Bilddruck. Aus 100% Baumwolle, in reissfester 2:1 Querripsbindung mit
ausgeprägter Strukturierung

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FineArt Print, precious papers for all needs

Hahnemühle Albrecht Dürer

The natural white paper "Albrecht Dürer" has a weight of 210g/sqm. It is perfect for art reproduction, certificates, prints for presentations - so, all ways of fine art printing there might be. This paper comes with a special style through its light structur on the surface. This material receives the ink excellently and offers brilliant colours.Questions? Contact us at anytime.


The Sihl Master Class Bary 4848 has a weight of 290g/sqm. Galleries and museums often choose this material. This paper is almost made for black and white pictures, because this paper comes with a high brilliance and make black areas full and strong which leads to a very good contrast. Even fine, filigree lines can be printed precisely. We suggest this paper comined with a passepartout and an elegant frame. Do you have question? Get back to us at any time. 

Leonardo Canvas

Leonardo Canvas is the fine art print version of canvas. This material has a resistant, durable and water-repellent surface with high lifetime. Its fine and soft structure makes it a great solution for art reproduction and prints of photographs. Leonardo Canvas is partly made of cotton and partly made of polyester. The weight of this bright white material is 390g/sqm and can show a big range of colour scales. Flows are shown true to original, lines are printed precisely and clearly. Leonardo Canvas is made for both black and white and coloured subjects. It is perfect for limited editions, exhibition or presentation prints. Questions? Ask us anything anytime.

William Turner

William Turner genuine hand-made paper is made of 100% rags, and one side is inkjet layered matt. The slightly uneven structure of the surface fabric gives the material a natural feel. William Turner paper is suitable for colour and black and white prints, as well as watercolour paintings. 

Hahnemühle Torchon

Torchon paper also makes a classy impression. This material brings out the effects of watercolour painting. Both contrasting works in rich colours as well as open, airy compositions come out brilliantly on Torchon. This paper is layered with an ink-receiving coating that emphasises the paper’s features. Torchon can be used in many different ways. 285g/sqm heavy, Torchon is used from works of art and presentation prints to certificates, menus and invitations, as well as business cards, congratulatory cards and thank you cards or even vouchers.

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