The classy combination of 3 mm acrylic glass and 3 mm Alu Dibond, with rail on the backside for hanging


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Various types of Dibond materials available.
The special Butlerfinish variants are printed in CMYK on the brushed surfaces - without white printing.


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Net total:
EUR 97,61
VAT 19%:
EUR 18,55
Total incl. 19% VAT:
EUR 116,16EUR 967,97/m²

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The classiest material

GalleryPrint is by far the best printing option you can choose for your photo. It consists of two materials: 3 mm acrylic glass and 3 mm Alu Dibond. This noble combination forms the "GalleryPrint". This noble combination forms the "GalleryPrint". This noblest of all plate printing materials is then cut out with millimeter precision, the format is of course freely selectable.

Circumferential rail as attachment

It is attached to the wall with an all-round rail. On the one hand you don't see any spacers (the picture "floats" so to speak), on the other hand the assembly is so very easy. No drilling is required. GalleryPrint is for indoor use only. Do you have any questions? Please contact us.

  • GalleryPrint
  • GalleryPrint
  • GalleryPrint
  • GalleryPrint
  • GalleryPrint
  • GalleryPrint

Everything you need to know about GalleryPrint

  • combination of 3 mm Alu Dibond and 3 mm acrylic
  • on request also with Alu Dibond-Butler finishing
  • noble material with shiny effect
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