Microfilms - reading and scanning

We create microfilms, jackets, fiches, etc. for you from your plan files, blue prints, drawings and documents.

Our microfilm scanner can read aperture cards, fiches/jackets and roll films (16 mm and 35 mm) and prepare the data for computer processing. We scan aperture cards in batches with a maximum resolution of 400 dpi (due to the original format). The procedure is particularly suitable for scanning large numbers of aperture cards.

Reading/scanning of microfilms

With the help of our microfilm scanners, we read film cards, jackets/fiches and roll films (16mm and 35mm) for you and prepare the data for EDP processing.
We scan film cards in batch mode with a maximum resolution of 400 dpi (related to the original format). This method is particularly suitable for scanning large quantities of film cards with plans.
You can also choose between these options:

  • storage as individual files
  • orientation to 0 degrees
  • rotate to viewing position
  • crop to original format
  • assembly of partial recordings
  • save as PDF
  • vectorize (learn more about vectorization here)

We scan (roll film) jackets, microfiches and roll films directly. Since this type of filming usually results in large quantities of documents in DIN A4 format, which then have to be microfilmed, we offer you two different options for data storage:

  • storage as individual files 
  • linking of individual chapters/sections to multipage files
  • OCR predictive text

Why microfilm?

It is practically impossible to imagine our working lives without IT data. IT is quick, flexible and cannot be beaten for its range of options for actively editing data. As a storage medium, however, IT has one crucial weak spot: even small errors in the hardware or software can quickly result in the irretrievable loss of important files. 

Microfilm – a storage medium that lasts up to 300 years

Microfilms are therefore a safe alternative as an IT-independent data storage medium for storing and documenting important data over a very long period of time. Files saved on microfilm can be called up at any time using special scanners, due to the durability of microfilms, are secured for up to 300 years. Do you have an order or further questions about microfilm? Just send us an e-mail, give us a call or come by in person! 

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Everything you need to know about microfilm

  • filming and re-enlargement
  • IT-independent storage medium
  • all common microfilm forms
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