Letter shop

Our letter shop carries out both the printing of your order and its delivery to your recipients.

Letter shop - professional print and handling

Whether it is a circular to existing clients, advertisements to potential clients, or certificates to successful graduates – our years of experience are at your disposal. Many studies have shown that personalised mailings have a significantly higher response rate that more generalised advertising. This is why you should invest in ensuring your advertising makes the necessary impact: we personalise your printed matter in word and image. You send us your address list and all the information needed to individualise your letters; we personalise and process them according to your specifications, seal them in envelopes, ensure they are “postage-optimised” (to reduce costs) and take them to the post. You are left free to concentrate on the response, saving time – and thus money. Of course our letter shop can process both black and white and colour prints for you. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of papers. Repeat orders – weekly, monthly, annual etc. – are not a problem either. We save your templates on request, and can send out your new printed papers in the blink of an eye. Contact us.

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