Printing and binding: master's thesis, bachelor's thesis and much more.

We print and bind your bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation, habilitation, master thesis, diploma thesis, term paper. Leave it to the experts at WENZEL.


We print and bind theses quickly and reliably here in Munich. We can also complete bachelor theses, diploma theses, master theses, specialist theses, doctoral theses or dissertations and habilitation theses on the same day if the print file reaches us in good time. Ready to print your thesis? Then calculate the price and order from our specialist partner website at  or contact us  for an individual offer.

  • Printing & binding

Printing and binding of catalogues, seminar documents etc.

Also the printing of training materials, catalogues, photo books and many more, we are happy to take care of it for you. We offer a different types of paper for printing your thesis (or of course any other printed matter). The design is up to you: cover sheet printed in color, transparent film on the front, cardboard on the back, etc., anything is possible.

If you would like to calculate the price for your thesis and place an order, you can do this on our special partner website: - you are welcome to request all other printed matter from us by e-mail. We will make you an individual offer for your edition and needs. Please contact us specifically for express prints (same day or next day completion)! After consultation, you can still conveniently order online, we will prioritize your print and binding order accordingly.

Choose from the following binding options

  • glued binding
  • spiral binding
  • softcover binding
  • hardcover binding
  • Printing & binding

Glued binding

Glue binding has become a "classic" for bachelor and master theses. We have the binding on the back - the back band - ready for you in black or white. Structure of the adhesive binding: First we print the inner part, then the cover sheet (or the foil) is added, we put cardboard on the back of your thesis (color freely selectable), on the left the binding is done with the mentioned back adhesive tape, all known under the generic term adhesive binding (see photo). You can calculate the costs on our partner site at: Note: So that your master's thesis/bachelor's thesis/dissertation etc. does not "fall apart" after binding, please let it dry for several hours.

Spiral binding

With the spiral binding you have the choice between white, black and silver metal wire. If you want to get an approximate idea of ​​the costs, you can calculate them on our partner website: The spiral binding, like the adhesive binding, is a "classic" and the ideal solution for a small budget. Another advantage: Even a few pages/leaves can be held with the spiral binding, since no gluing is necessary. So if you have a slender term paper to hand in, spiral binding is ideal. Depending on the requirements of the university/technical college, etc., you can of course also use the spiral binding for your master’s thesis, bachelor’s thesis, dissertation, etc.

Softcover binding

the thesis is almost completely “encased” after printing. The cover resembles a paperback. This type of binding does not require a back strap (see photo). At you can calculate the soft cover connection plus paper quality and color/B/W pages down to the cent and order conveniently online.

Hardcover binding

The most beautiful variant is the hardcover binding. Like a book, the front and back are made of sturdy cardboard. This gives the thesis a stylish touch and makes the work easier. Since this type of binding requires 1-2 working days, we ask that the print data be delivered in good time. Please also note that the hardcover binding must have enough pages, otherwise the glue will not stick. About 70 pages is the minimum (or less for thicker paper). See also photo and video. Simply inquire oder calculate at By the way, there is now an alternative to the “built/glued” hard cover described above: the clamp hard cover. As the name suggests, this hardcover binding does not require glue, the inner part is clamped in and is - another advantage - ready in seconds. You can also calculate this bond at

  • Printing & binding

Paper selection for your thesis

As a standard, we print your master's thesis or bachelor's thesis (or any other thesis) on 80g/sqm paper, i.e. "normal" copy paper. Alternatively, depending on the number of pages and quality requirements, you can choose between other papers with 115g/sqm or 120g/sqm. Also possible: You can have a "noble" variant printed with beautiful paper as a hardcover connection, and submit the copies submitted as softcovers or adhesive bindings. Such a mixed order is of course possible, by e-mail or simply calculate online at
Special formats are also no problem for us. If you want your thesis to be printed in a square or something similar, just let us know, after printing we will cut everything to size.

Hot foil stamping

The Hot foil stamping is another refinement and adds "one more" to the hardcover binding. We transfer your desired text to the envelope with an embossing stamp. You can choose between upper and lower case letters and the colors silver and gold.

Another variant of refinement is embossing. Here you are much more flexible with the design: almost any font is possible (it should not be too delicate), different colors etc. are possible. Of course it can be calculated online: More Info? Just contact WENZEL.

  • Printing & binding
  • Printing & binding
  • Printing & binding

When is the deadline for the print data?

Of course, we also take on ad hoc orders with tight deadlines - for example, if your print shop at home suddenly goes on strike. However, feasibility depends on a few factors:

  1. How many copies do you need?
  2. How many pages does the work have?
  3. What type of binding do you want?
Example 1: You need the work 3x, it comprises 150 pages (mixture of color or b/w), DIN A4 format, 100g/sqm paper, adhesive binding. Such an execution can be completed between 9:00 a.m. and around 12:30 p.m. when the data is delivered. However, prior agreement by telephone and confirmation by e-mail is required, as our machines are sometimes more or less busy.

Special formats and other variations

Example 2: You need the thesis 3x, 150 pages, with hardcover binding and printed in a special format on special paper. Hardcover binding requires at least 1 hour drying time. The production takes place with us in precise manual work and also takes longer than e.g. an adhesive binding. A special format (e.g. rectangular) must also be cut after printing – provided the specially requested paper is in stock. In such special cases, a lead time of 1 working day is the absolute minimum. Telephone agreement and email confirmation required.

We are also happy to help you with the printing and binding of your thesis. Feel free to contact us at any time.

All you need to know about our binding service

  • different types of binding, from cheap to noble
  • delivery times vary depending on the binding
  • custom-made products are possible, including wild formats etc.
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