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Your photo printed as a poster. Semiglossy oder glossy, all formats are possible. Calculate and order right here online.

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Your photo printed as a poster

photo as a poster always is something very special. It's bigger than "normal" pictures, beautifies walls and is an eyecatcher. This is why WENZEL offers you three different kinds of paper you can choose for your poster print.

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Photo paper, 235g/qm, glossy

Our glossy photo paper leads to brilliant, and strong colours. Rooms with soft light are made for this material, because very bright light might cause refelctions. The UV-resistant colours won't fade because of direct sunlight, but keep their brilliance for years. You can choose the format accurate to the millimetre. Questions? We would like to hear from you.

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Fotopapier, 235g/qm, seidenmatt

The golden mean between "glossy" and "matt" ist "semi-glossy". This material offers brilliance concerning with fewer reflections.  If you need the poster laminated, we are happy to help. Of course the choice of format is yours. Questions? We are happy to help.

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Standard poster paper 170g/qm

The 170g/sqm paper is a compromise between matt and glossy paper and is also known as “satin” paper. On the one hand, colours come out brilliantly, and on the other, incidental light is not reflected too strongly. Standard paper is suitable for spaces with averagely bright lighting. You can choose the format you want. If you need the poster laminated just tell us. The 170g-poster is the ideal solution for short terme use e.g. at conferences, talks aso.

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