hot foil stamping and pressure embossing

As a special refinement of your bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation, we offer you either hot foil stamping or embossing. What is what exactly? We explain it to you here.

hot foil stamping

Hot foil stamping for hardcover version "Deluxe"

Hot foil stamping is only possible for the "Deluxe" hardcover version (you can read more about the "Deluxe" version here). We use an embossing stamp to transfer the desired title designation to the cover (e.g. line 1, in capital letters "BACHELOR'S WORK" is welcome, line 2 first and last name). You can configure hot foil stamping using the calculator on this page below.
Hot foil stamping is time consuming and usually requires 1 business day production (minimum).
You can choose between two colors for hot foil stamping: gold or silver. There are also two font sizes to choose from. In the calculator, the heading is set in capital letters, for example "BACHELOR THESIS". Up to four lines are possible. The other lines in the sequence are kept in the smaller font size. Up to four lines are also possible here. The number of characters is automatically limited according to technical feasibility.

Print embossing

Print embossing with different colors and fonts

Not quite as noble, but more flexible variant is the embossing. The advantage: you can choose from other font colors if required. In addition to the gold and silver described above, green, red, white and blue are also available. You can also use a font of your choice. Just make sure that the lines are not too fine, i.e. the font is not too small, otherwise printing will be difficult or impossible for technical reasons. Experience has shown that we achieve the best results when you choose "leather" as the cover. It doesn't matter which color you choose.
Symbols, emblems, logos, etc., such as B. the seal of the university, are possible with this embossing variant. You can simply upload your design as a PDF. Then just specify the color for the embossing, done. We charge a flat rate for the embossing, so the number of lines and characters is entirely up to you. Please note that the embossing only works on the "leather" hardcover version (not on canvas). It doesn't matter whether you choose the "Standard" or "Deluxe" hardcover version (you can find more information about Standard/Deluxe here). By the way: Before printing, you should convert your Word dokument into a PDF.

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