How do I convert a Word document to a PDF?

Converting a Word document to a PDF is quick and easy, both online and offline. There are several ways. We will show you here what they are.

How can I convert a Word document to a PDF?

To convert a Word document to a PDF file in WORD 2010, you need to follow this 5-step guide. This is how it's done:

  1. Open the desired document in Microsoft Word.
  2. Click "File" in the top left and select "Save As".
  3. In the dialog that opens, specify where the document should be saved.
  4. Select the format "PDF" under "Save as type" and click on "Save".
  5. The Word document is converted to a PDF and is located in the selected location.

To convert a Word document to a PDF in WORD 2013 und WORD 2016, 365 i, there is a five-step method. How it works:

  1. Open the desired document in Word.
  2. Click "File" in the top left and then select "Export".
  3. Click the Create PDF/XPS Document button.
  4. A window opens in which you can specify the file name and the storage location. Make sure PDF is selected as file type.
  5. Click Publish to create the PDF file.

Why should I convert my Word file to a PDF?

The PDF reliably shows what will be printed later

Most write their bachelor thesis / master thesis in the writing program WORD. It is advisable to convert this Word file to a PDF as this is the best way to print it. Explanation: The Word format is an "open" format, i.e. roughly speaking it can look different on every PC depending on the Word version and the print margins set. This is exactly what happens in the printing process and the printer delivers a different result than planned, with shifted paragraphs, headings at the bottom of the page, etc.
It can also happen that someone doesn't have the correct font installed on their computer, so Word just chooses a different one and distorts the result. The solution is: "PDF". PDF is a "closed" format. When someone opens a PDF file, they can no longer change it and it looks the same on every computer. The printer outputs exactly what the viewer sees. Slipped lines or images are excluded. In addition, a PDF is virus-free. Instructions on how to convert a WORD file to a PDF can be found further up on this page.

Can I also convert my WORD document to a PDF online or with a printer driver?

Yes, there are printer drivers and online tools to convert Word to PDF

The latest versions of Word (see instructions above) offer to save a WORD document as a PDF.
However, there are other ways to convert a Word document to a PDF document. FOR EXAMPLE. with a PDF printer driver. Anyone who buys a new printer usually has a CD with a "driver" with them or downloads it from the Internet. It is a program that helps the computer recognize the printer. If you STILL buy a printer, you will need to install a driver again. The same applies to the PDF printer driver. Simply download and install from the Internet. Then open the Word document and pretend you want to print it (don't use the printer icon link, use "File", "Print...". Print instead of the "normal" printer You just select the PDF from printer, the program will ask where to save the converted PDF file, just select a folder (e.g. Desktop), done.

Such printer drivers are online everywhere. However, since things are constantly changing and some providers are disappearing while others are added, we simply put a link to the appropriate Google search for you (even if a direct download link is outdated). Advantage: The file is created and saved on your own computer. Disadvantage: A printer driver must first be installed.

A Word file can also be converted to a PDF using an online tool. Simply upload the Word file here, enter your e-mail address and send it off or download the converted document. After a few minutes, the PDF document is in the virtual mailbox. A link to Google search is here. Advantage: No printer driver needs to be installed. Disadvantage: The Word document, which may contain confidential content, is on an external server.

What programs can I use to open PDF files?

With Adobe PDF Reader or Foxit Reader

In order to be able to open a PDF, we recommend Adobe Reader (which can be downloaded  for free). An alternative to this program is called "Foxit" reader (also available free of charge). With both programs you can open and read PDF documents, but not change them.
By the way: A thesis often consists of a cover sheet, table of contents, text, etc. Many authors decide to design these documents individually and save them as PDFs. Of course, they should eventually be printed as a single file. There is an online tool for this: “PDF-Join“.

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