Photo on stone

We print you photo on classy stone, nearly for eternity. Natural appeal, many formats and combinations possible.

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Photo on stone

Enjoy the natural appeal of stone

A stone print allows you to capture your photo or favourite design (photo, logo, drawing) for posterity on a piece of real stone. In order to create a natural surface finish, the stone tiles are processed with a drum rather than being polished. This means that the tiles do not have sharp edges and the image printed on the stone retains an aged look.

Fixed formats for stone prints

Stone prints are only available in certain formats. The individual tiles are approx. 15 x 15 cm, 20 x 20 cm or 30 x 30 cm. Different layouts can be created by using multiple tiles, e.g. combine six 15 cm tiles to form a 30 x 45 cm layout.

Stone print ideas

Printing on stone looks equally good around the home and in commercial settings. This type of printing is guaranteed to enhance the look of any room, corridor or other space. Stone prints have their own unique, elegant charm. They're a great choice for conference rooms too.

Photos on stone for bathroom, stairwell and garden

A stone print is an ideal way to add character to your bathroom at home. The natural properties of the material mean that it will also blend in to make a decorative addition to your garden. Other interesting options for this material, which has relatively high resistance to scratching and knocks, include decorative stair treads and swimming pool linings.

Stone prints with protective coating

To keep them looking great, a protective coating is applied to all our stone prints. This makes the photo scratch and smear resistant (provided you don't try to clean it with a wire brush!) So you can enjoy long-lasting pleasure from images on a material that is sure to endure.

Questions about stone prints? Just give us a call, drop by in person or send us an e-mail.

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