You as a 3D character!

We print you as a 3D figure! Just have it scanned and we'll do the rest. Various sizes are available - also as a gift idea for young and old.

The 3D miniature figure

Mini version of your full body 3D print: With our 3D body print, WENZEL makes you look very small! Visit us and get scanned. We print you as a figure. You don't have to bring anything but yourself.

Your options with the 3D character

Whole body scan and print from plaster of paris polymer

Then all you have to do is: Stand in our scanning booth in the position that you ultimately want as a character. Whether with crossed arms, as a couple, cheering or completely casual, our scanner will take you from all sides in about 10 seconds. You have the opportunity to view the recordings immediately. Eyes closed? Print does not fit? It doesn't matter - we pay close attention to the time. Straight back into the cabin and pressed the button, done. If it doesn't work again, we'll make a few more attempts until things "settle". We're happy to help.

All cameras are on you

So that nothing of person and personality is lost, we point over 100 cameras at you. When have you been the center of attention like this? This way we don't miss anything and the print result is improved. Of course, the procedure is completely harmless.

The 3D print

Once all the data has been recorded, we start the printing process. Layer by layer we make the plaster figure. Every trouser crease, no matter how small, is taken into account. When printing, the plaster automatically gets its color. In order to increase the lifespan of the figure, we treat the figure with infiltrate, thus promoting resistance. NOTE: The figure is NOT waterproof and NOT solid. If it does not come into contact with liquid or otherwise falls onto a hard surface, it will break. The figure is also more of a decorative item than a toy.

Approximately two to three weeks production time

We then use this file for our 3D print, whereby a few tolerances have to be taken into account for production reasons. However, with our scan and print, we often come astonishingly similar to the original. After two to three weeks everything is ready. Questions? Just call.

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How much does a 3D figure cost?


  • 75mm 89,-€*
  • 100mm 179,-€
  • 125mm 199,-€
  • 150mm 229,-€
  • 175mm 249,-€
  • 200mm 299,-€
  • 225mm 349,-€
  • 250mm 399,-€
  • 300mm 599,-€

(*) Only available as an additional or follow-up order from a number of 100 mm.


  • 75mm 129,-€*
  • 100mm 239,-€
  • 125mm 269,-€
  • 150mm 339,-€
  • 175mm 419,-€
  • 200mm 509,-€
  • 225mm 629,-€
  • 250mm 719,-€
  • 300mm 999,-€

Accessories (e.g. hat, scarf): €39 Small children/pets: €69 Retouching Glasses: €49 Dark suit: €69 Wedding dress: €49