Environmental awareness

Climate protection is important to us!

CO2 - neutral printing

By using the latest digital printing technology (HP Indigo 7k), we are pioneers in Germany when it comes to CO2-neutral printing.
The Indigo is not only environmentally friendly when printing, a strong CO2 reduction was also taken into account during the manufacture of the machine.
Particularly noteworthy is the low energy consumption and the recycling rate of 70% of all machine and accessory parts.
The printing inks of our HP Indigo 7K are certified for the food trade and harmless to people and the environment.
Our main production has been extensively audited and is PEFC certified under number: HW-PEFC-CoC-0290-19
Certified products:
FSC/PEFC - Oeko Tex - PVC-free - Blauer Engel - EU EcoLabel

At WENZEL you get a range of certified, traceable products or products made from recycled materials through to PVC-free films.
With love for our products in the printing area, we select our suppliers carefully and conscientiously.
Materials marked with PEFC, FSC, OEKO-TEX, Blauer Engel, EU-EcoLabel enable consumers and companies to buy traceable, particularly environmentally friendly/sustainable materials.
The testing and certification processes behind these certification standards guarantee the highest level of consumer safety.


As your contact person near the Alps, we are very close to nature and try to make our contribution.
Environmental protection and environmental management are part of our business policy.

WENZEL is committed to the basic principles of sustainable development and strives to constantly improve its environmental performance.

With a lot of locations in Munich, short delivery routes and alternative means of transport, sustainability is also ensured here.
With our delivery logistics and our bicycle/rickshaw delivery service, we want to make an ecological contribution as the Munich City Printing Office.
In addition, we only purchase green electricity from the energy suppliers.

As the first marketer, we make our environmental contribution to the dual system "DerGrünePunkt" and are registered with the Packaging Register Office:

WENZEL - your nature-loving printing partner near the Alps