Brochures, leaflets, flyer

We print your brochures, leaflets and flyer, number of copies doesn't matter. Different papers are available.

Brochures and leatlets

We print brochures and leaflets in b/w or colour, on different papers, in high or low print runs, with high or low numbers of pages. You have a choice of different papers for your brochure; anything from 80g/sqm up to 300g/sqm is available. Naturally, we also print catalogues, magazines, wedding magazines, image brochures, prospectuses, menus, flyers, leaflets, posters, placards, theses, training materials, scripts, press releases, circulars etc. We are happy to create your files for you. 

We offer the following processing options

  • sorting 
  • finishing (divider sheets/tabs) 
  • two-hole and four-hole punching 
  • non-standard hole punching (various hole sizes) 
  • attaching reinforcement strips 
  • inserting into folders 
  • single or double stapling 
  • saddle-stitching 
  • folding (DIN-, letter-, fan fold etc.) 
  • cutting, scoring or perforating 
  • laminating in plastic pockets up to DIN A3 
  • binding 

You have the following binding options: 

  • plastic spiral binding in white or black up to 250 pages max. 
  • wire spiral binding (Wire-O) in white, black or silver up to 300 pages max. (depending on the paper selected) 
  • wire spiral binding for DIN A3, in landscape format up to a max. length of 60 cm and max. 75 pages 
  • hot glue binding up to 200 pages max., with a white or dark spine or a one piece cover 
  • hard cover binding 

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

  • Flyer, leaflets, brochures
  • Flyer, leaflets, brochures
  • Flyer, leaflets, brochures
  • Flyer, leaflets, brochures
  • Flyer, leaflets, brochures
  • Flyer, leaflets, brochures
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