PopUp Soft Image

The Soft Image PopUp gets your message across to customers or trade fair visitors in an XXL format.

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Mindestformat: 5 x 5 cm;
Maximalformat: 5000 x 5000 cm

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PopUp Soft Image

Depending on the intended use, one of three sizes will be suitable (height is always 224 cm, width 225/298/371 cm). The folding frame is stable and extremely simple to set up or take down. One of the big advantages is that no tools are needed – simply unfold the frame, attach the graphic panels using the velcro strips, and you’re done! Contact us.

Of course, the graphic panels can be ordered without the frame, if new images are required, for example, or if you have different messages to share at the trade fair. Different lighting options can also be selected upon request. A nylon bag is part of the standard kit, and is delivered free of charge along with the frame and the print. 

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