Brick wall film

With the Brick Wall film, WENZEL offers you a weatherproof solution for walls, facades, store fronts, plasters and many more surfaces with a strong strucure. The material sticks reliably and nearly is resilient.

1. Product

Adhesive film - Brick Wall
x cm
ASLAN DFP 45 Glossy / 55 Matt
Adhesive film for outside, sticks to all rough surfaces, weatherproof. The substrate must be free of dust and grease and dry. Check coated substrates for adhesion beforehand. If the entire film is blow-dried into the su

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3. Price

Net total:
EUR 23,76
VAT 19%:
EUR 4,51
Total incl. 19% VAT:
EUR 28,27EUR 117,81/m²

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Brick Wall film

Brick wall films are produced for outdoor use. They have long-term durability in all sorts of weather and wind. The special feature of this material is that it will form a secure bond on even highly textured surfaces, such as brick walls, frontages, plaster and many other materials. Of course, we will print any design of your choice onto the transfer film, be it a logo, slogan or graphic. On request, we can also cut your brick wall transfer to size with millimetre precision.

  • Brick Wall film
  • Brick Wall film
  • Brick Wall film


This transfer film is usually installed two steps: First you apply the brick wall film in the desired position. Then use a heat gun to stick the material to the wall. To establish good contact with the subsurface, simply press down firmly with a wallpapering brush or a rubber roller. In this way the film clings to the material and sticks better. Pressing on by hand is also possible, but this reduces the material's service life considerably. To heati the film is much more advisable.

After this treatment, the brick wall film can withstand any weather for a long time. Sunlight, frost, rain – noexternal influences will harm the material. Short, medium and long-term installations are therefore no preblem. Removing the film is simply done by peeling off the surface – no further treatment is necessary here. Due to the adhesive strength, it is possible that paintworks on facades, for excample, may peel off.  You can optionally book our assembly service.

The most important thing about the Brick Wall film

  • absolutely weatherproof
  • for walls
  • optional with assembly
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