Signage with Hard-PVC

Hard-PVC ist exremly resistant and unbreakable. Standard is 1 mm strength, you can also choose 2, 3, 4 or 5 mm.

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Mindestformat: 10 x 10 cm;
Maximalformat: 200 x 100 cm

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Hard PVC has a higher density than the standard version of the material. This makes hard PVC impact-resistant, shatterproof and hard-wearing. It still retains its elastic properties, however, making it a flexible choice for all manner of uses.


The material doesn't just withstand impacts, it is also untouchable by wind and weather. The glossy surface and bright, vibrant UV-resistant printing will keep their good looks for a long time.

Suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Hard PVC is a very dense material, so it is only available in thicknesses up to 5 mm because otherwise it would be very difficult and expensive to transport. The standard thickness is therefore 1 mm. Do you have questions about hard PVC? We look forward to hearing from you.

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