3D printing

We realize your 3D printing project. From conception to implementation. Regardless of whether it is a 3D one-off or series production.

3D printing for Munich, Munich City, Germany-wide

Show us your 3D printed preliminary designs

Involve WENZEL or its partners from ThinkTEC 3D right from the start. Send us your 3D printing preliminary drafts and we will advise you in detail and in a solution-oriented manner. Our designers have many years of experience and develop your concept using the latest CAD technology. We offer all the advantages that layer construction technology brings with it and can therefore demonstrate the best possible manufacturing quality. Thanks to FFF, INKJET and MULTI-JET processes, we have answers and solutions in terms of 3D printing for the needs of every industry. You can find an overview of our services in this area in this PDF on the subject of 3D printing at WENZEL in Munich.

3D printing as a single piece or series production

For WENZEL and its competent 3D printing partners the quantity of pieces doesn't matter. Whether it is an individual one-off or economical series production, we offer you attractively priced solutions. Filigree components with highly complex structures, custom-fit 3D shapes or intelligent design and functional principles are routine for us. That's what WENZEL does, that's what makes our offshoot thinkTEC 3D your reliable partner for all questions relating to 3D printing. Ask us at any time, we are at your side with advice and action.

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3D printing with optimal functionality and an appealing feel

In-depth advice on 3D printing

When it comes to 3D printing, what counts is expertise in additive manufacturing, development and finishing. All these areas are mastered by our specialists. Of course, we will advise you in detail in order to find the right process and the best material for your individual solution. For example, replace complex welded components with an optimized 3D printed part. This saves you manufacturing costs and avoids fluctuations in quality.

3D printing with optimal haptics, optics and functionality

Form follows function is an old designer saying. We are able to combine both with 3D printing. The combination of attractive optics, ideal handling and attractive haptics are our trademark. With its specialists from thinkTEC 3D, WENZEL meets all requirements with know-how, precision and state-of-the-art machines. We look forward to your challenges. Feel free to contact thinkTEC 3D directly at any time. 

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Application examples for 3D printing (selection)

3D printing can be found in numerous industries. Many of our customers never thought they might actually have a need for 3D printing solutions. We therefore always recommend a personal conversation. Below is a selection of application examples:

  • military: (drones, exoskeletons) etc.
  • aviation: (spare parts) etc.
  • mobility and transport: liquid and air ducts, spare parts, etc.
  • health care: Dentistry, prostheses, orthoses etc.
  • consumer goods industry: prototypes, household appliances, spare parts, etc.
  • industry and services: prototyping, sand casting, embossing, packaging, etc.
  • agriculture: air ducts for ventilation, assembly parts, fasteners

An overview of the materials we use and other application examples can be found in this PDF on 3D printing at WENZEL.

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