Bill of quantities

We print and send out your bills of quatities. We plot your construction plans, your coloured or black and white documents and offer a burning service for DVDs and CDs.

Bill of quantities - we print and ship them

We can print or copy your specifications and post them for you, on time and in high quality. We work with both analogue and digital templates. We provide a one-stop service for everything, from data delivery to shipping. In-house plotting and digital burning service for specifications 

Plotting and burning service

We can add in additional material with your specifications as required, such as construction plans, drawings or other documents. Our plotting service guarantees the highest quality. Our digital burning service creates the digital parts of your specification. We are happy to print trade information on CDs/DVDs.

Customised procedures

We are flexible in regard to payment procedures. For example, one possibility is a publication in the state gazette stating payment is to be made directly to us via cheque. We can also send the specification out to the bidders once electronic payment has been received. You can opt to request a postal receipt. What can we do for you? We would love to hear from you – at any time! 

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