Custom made

Prints outside the DIN format, blueprints, posters, art prints, no matter what custom-made product you need for your bachelor's or master's thesis, you've come to the right place.

Special formats in addition to the DIN formats / wild formats

Format 25 x 25 cm? We are happy to do that!

If you need your bachelor thesis / master thesis in a special format, we will be happy to help you. For example, if you want a finished size of 23 x 23 cm (or 25 x 25 cm or 18.7 x 24.9 cm), we can print it and then cut it. We also offerir bindings of all kinds for wild formats / special formatst, i.e. spiral binding, glue binding, soft cover connection and hard cover connection. Since they are all custom-made products, you should calculate a little more working time. As you can see, we like to make everything possible. The best way for us is if you let us know about your project in advance so that we can schedule your bachelor’s/master’s thesis internally.
For example, if you would like to supplement your work in an artistic subject with prints on FineArt-Print, you can order these separately from us. We have an extensive range for your design in XXL. You can find more information about your photo on very special paper or other exclusive materials here.Your thesis will be a success if you talk to us about it beforehand. Contact details can be found here. No matter what format you want it to be in, it is imperative that you convert your Word file to a PDF document before printing.

Site service for architecture and engineering works

Construction plans, signs, drafts, drawings in DIN A0 and larger

Our plot service team has been offering excellent service for architects, civil engineers, etc. for decades. Of course, this also applies to students of this subject and their homework or theses. We plot plans, drawings, drafts, etc. on all graphic paper. We also create copies of construction plans (on paper or digitally) quickly and easily. Ask us at any time via email.
If you would like to have your drafts or designs printed on a special material, be it for you personally, for the university or for another reason, you can choose from our wide range of cliché printing: PVC, Alu Dibond, acrylic glass, everything according to your wishes heart's desires desired. You can calculate the price for this on our main page and order online if required. Click here for panel printing / sign printing.

Large format print for art work

Poster, fine art, plate printing for art scholars

From time to time art students need posters, i.e. large-format prints. Auch das ist kein Problem: That's not a problem either: We offer printing on inexpensive standard paper, or fine photo paper (silk or glossy). If you want it to look good, we recommend printing on rigid materials. This is the only way some work can really come into its own. You can choose from inexpensive PVC in various thicknesses, Alu Dibond, acrylic glass (similar to real window glass) or the combination of aluminum and acrylic: GalleryPrint. You can order all of these materials online from us. An overview of all materials can be found here.
But not only works of art grow very well on these materials, we are also increasingly asked to print blueprints on rigid materials. With our modern flatbed printers, we reproduce even the finest lines. Just send us your PDF document and we will be happy to do the rest. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.