Smart-PVC is stable and extremly light. Made vor difficult wall conditions. Any size is possible.

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The lightweight board

Smart PVC is a very lightweight, white plastic board with a wide range of applications. It is an excellent choice as a backdrop for window displays or in business settings and has many more uses too. The material is becoming increasingly popular in domestic environments too. Why? Because its low weight makes it easy to install and even very large boards can be hung with nothing more than a few thin threads. Of course, a rear-mounted hanging rail is also available as an option. 

Lightweight but still weatherproof

Signs for outdoor use can also be produced with Smart PVC. The material is weatherproof and our printing inks are UV resistant. The material is also ideally suited for displays, both indoors and out. 
Your order can be customised with millimetre precision, so let your imagination and creativity run wild. Do you have questions about Smart PVC? We look forward to hearing from you.

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