Your photo printed on wood

We print your photo directly on wood. The natural character remains visible and touchable. Every picture is a unicum. A product made for nature lovers.

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EUR 62,99
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EUR 11,97
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Photo on wood - a natural product

Eye-catcher and touch-catcher

WENZEL offers printing on wooden surfaces – a material that is guaranteed to attract attention. Not only is wood an eye-catcher, it is also a “touch-catcher”! Its elegant appearance attracts attention, and its interesting surface feel makes it an all-round experience. Even after printing on the material, the wood’s texture can still be felt. Visible texture and grain 

Grain and texture still visible

Nature lovers appreciate that the wood’s grain and texture, the tiny fissures and branches, remain visible even after the ink has been applied, underlining the special character of the wood. No one picture is the same as another, every print is unique, and it is impossible to predict the exact result. With or without laths.

Boards or a single piece of wood

This product comes in two varieties: on the one hand, we have boards cut from a single piece of wood. On the other hand, we have boards made up of several laths of wood. These laths are held together at the back by two crossbars. The print can be hung using a serrated semi-circle set into the wood. This makes hanging the print extremely easy. Hanging in a room where humidity remains constant.

Indoor use only

Of course, this material can only be used indoors. Indeed: as wood is a natural material, it moves. Wood is alive. In order to enjoy your wood print for as long as possible, we recommend hanging it in a room where the humidity remains constant and the temperature does not change overly much. 

  • Foto auf Holz
  • Foto auf Holz
  • Foto auf Holz
  • Foto auf Holz
  • Foto auf Holz
  • Foto auf Holz
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