Photo on Kapa board

Your Photo on Kapa promises brilliant colors paired with with very lightweight. The format is freely selectable. Suspension with rear rail.


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KAPA®plast is a lightweight board with white, plastic-coated pulp board face sheets (primer finish) on both sides and a polyurethane foam core. The majority of the paper facings used in the manufacture of KAPA®plast are FSC® certified. The primer finish ensures the best printability and razor-sharp images and thus excellent printing results. In addition, KAPA®plast is moisture-repellent and wipeable thanks to the coated face sheets.


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EUR 77,00
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EUR 14,63
Total incl. 19% VAT:
EUR 91,63EUR 91,63/m²

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Photo on Kapa board

Lightweight, easy to transport

Kappa board is one of the lightest materials in our range. It consists of a soft, grey foam core, which is available in a choice of thicknesses (5 mm, 10 mm). Thanks to its low weight, transporting the boards is easy and cost-effective.
Kappa board gives you vibrant, bright colors, making it popular for exhibitions and even home galleries. The print quality is razor sharp and UV resistant.

Only for indoor use

Please note that kappa board does not withstand bending, meaning it requires extremely careful handling and is only suitable for indoor use. Any impacts or pressure will cause irreversible deformation to the material.
This type of print is best hung using a rail running around the rear of the board. Thanks to their low weight, these boards can also be hung using nylon threads (not supplied), for example. Questions? Just let us know.

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The most important thing about Kapa

  • very light, sensitive material
  • exclusively for indoor use
  • rich bright colors
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