Framed picture

Your photo printed and provided with an elegant frame? Added with a passe-partout for a noble touch? No problem.
  • Bild im Rahmen

Picture with passe-partout in a noble frame

A print with passe-partout and an elegant frame is something very special. The photo not only hangs on the wall, but also gets a very elegant touch and reinforces the wow effect. A passe-partout  is a piece of cardboard that is placed in a glass front frame. We use a standard width of 4 cm but other whidths can also be produced without any problems (please ask us here).

The passe-partout in the frame creates "distance" and clarity

The passe-partout, you create "distance" to the frame. This means that the picture doesn't fill the entire frame, but only a section. This not only brings optical clarity, but also practical advantage: the print and the glass do not front, which is great for conservational reasons (both for prints, e.g. on handmade paper and watercolors, etc.).

  • Bild im Rahmen
  • Bild im Rahmen

Focus on the subject

Viewed in another way: a passe-partout draws the eyes on the middle, to the actual motif and creates "calm" around the photo, the viewer is not distracted. In addition, the passe-partout is cut diagonally inwards, so the picture depth. Thanks to modern cutting techniques, the mitre (the cut corner) can be perfectly produced and is a visual treat.

Different passe-partout and frame colors

You can choose from a variety of frame colors. If your your favourite frame color is not included, simply contact us, we will be happy to help you. Different designs can be selected for the passe-partout, natural whtie or other colors are possible on request. The same applies, of course, to the formats. On request,  you can also order special formats, e.g. square or other wild formats.

  • Bild im Rahmen
  • Bild im Rahmen

Noble paper for the passe-partout

Of course, we don't use just any paper to print this noble article. We use the Sihl Masterclass Baryta with a grammage of 290g/sqm. On the hand, the colors on this paper are strong and brilliant, on the other hand, this combination with the noble frame and the passe-partout makes it something very special.

How is the format for passe-partout calculated?

You can choose passe-partout, WIth this product, simply substract 4 cm from the final format (e.g. 50 x 70 cm). This means that the visible part of your picture has a format of 42 x 62 cm. So that we can finish the print, we need 0,5 cm of additional material all around. We currently offer black, glossy frames (Nielsen Alpha black glossy) with a natural white passe-partout. We would be happy to calculate your price on request. Questions? Feel free to contact us at anytime.

  • Bild im Rahmen
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