WENZEL offers five different fixings, ranging from lower-priced to premium solutions


We also supply the appropriate fixings. There are five different options, ranging from lower-priced plastic to stainless steel. We can also drill the holes for you if you wish (surcharge of 0.50 EUR per hole) This product is suited both for indoor and outdoor environments, as acrylic glass is weatherproof and UV-resistant. 

  • Diamater of drill hole: 8,5 mm
  • Distance centre to edges: 15 mm
  • Diamater fixings (cover): 10 - 15mm (according to version)

Unsere Auswahl an Halterungen (siehe Fotos von oben links nach unten rechts):

  1. Fixxo Glassgreen (7,50 Euro + VAT)
  2. Fixxo Bond (9,95 Euro + VAT)
  3. Fixxo Steel (15,50 Euro + VAT)
  4. Fisso Steel (26,50 Euro + VAT)
  5. Fixxo Mix (22,50 Euro + VAT)
  6. Rail on backside (10 Euro/running metre. + VAT)

If you are interested in our mounting service, contact us, we are happy to help.

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