Alu Stretch Frame

There is nothing more flexible: Your picture as Alu Stretch Frame. You can change the print whenever you want, but keep the frame.

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Mindestformat: 20 x 20 cm;
Maximalformat: 145 x 220 cm
Hinweis: Bei der Bestellung des Alu-Spannbildes wird der äußere Bildrand (2cm umlaufend) umgeschlagen. Bitte wählen Sie Ihren Ausschnitt dementsprechend größer!

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Aluminium Stretch Frame

The classy aluminium stretch frame picture has an advantage over all other materials: the image can be changed quickly and easily. No tools are required. The image is printed onto a 220g/sqm heavy polyester canvas. The picture is pressed into a groove in the frame using a sewn-on rubber flap – done! Photo changing made easy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

If required, you can simply order a new photo without the aluminium frame, just the canvas with the rubber flap. Simply pull out the old picture and press the new one in – done! This kind of print is perfect for office rooms, e.g. for seasonal offers or celebrations such as Christmas, Easter etc. Naturally, this product offers maximum security as it is B1-certified and thus flame-retardant. The maximum print width is 140 cm, and any format can be chosen. 

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