The opaque acrylic glass is similar to milk glass, white and has 30% transparency.

1. Product

x cm
  • 3% transmission
  • translucent (transparent)
  • high gloss
  • UV absorbing

2. Options

3. Price

Net total:
EUR 106,59
VAT 19%:
EUR 20,25
Total incl. 19% VAT:
EUR 126,84EUR 126,84/m²

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Opaque Acrylic Galss

Opaque acrylic glass is characterised by its low transparency. About 30% of available light passes through the material. This makes it ideal for subtle backlighting applications. Even a spotlight placed behind the material will illuminate it very uniformly, with practically no hotspots (brighter areas) visible due to the light source.

Opaque acrylic is available in every format. We print your image onto this material using UV-resistant ink. Different thicknesses of opaque acrylic are available: 3 mm is standard, while larger formats use 5 mm. Acrylic glass is shatterproof and relatively lightweight. On request, we will apply a transparent film to protect the printing. Questions? Please get in touch.

  • Acrylglas opak
  • Acrylglas opak
  • Acrylglas opak
  • Acrylglas opak
  • Acrylglas opak
  • Acrylglas opak
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