Imprinted beer table

The imprinted beer table is a highlight at every celebration and for any occasion! Let your creativity go wild! A large foto or a collage of many small ones? Everything is possible! The price includes: The printed beer table + two blank benches.


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55 x 110 cm


Our offer for you

Net total:
EUR 423,50
VAT 19%:
EUR 80,47
Total incl. 19% VAT:
EUR 503,97EUR 833,00/m²

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Photo beer table

We print your photo directly onto the wooden surface of a beer table. Of course, it can also be any other motif - whether lettering, a single image, a photo collage, we bring everything directly onto the surface of the marquee set. There are also two benches that we pack (empty) in the package. There are numerous ways to refine the photo beer table, just follow this link and you will receive a detailed description.
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  • Photo beer table
  • Photo beer table
  • Photo beer table
  • Photo beer table
  • Photo beer table
  • Photo beer table

Further information

White print option 

A primer (“white print”) is necessary if you want white areas on the table to appear white in the orignal image. Otherwise, white areas remain empty – instead, wood is visible. This effect can indeed be desirable for certain images. However, this does not apply to photos of family and friends (wedding dresses, clouds etc. should be white!). 

Different widths

Beer tables are available in different widths. You can choose between 50 cm, 60 cm and 70 cm. The length is always 220 cm. The quality of the printed tables is very important. Please understand that this means we cannot print on beer tables supplied by the customer, as the ink may not fix properly or the wood may warp. In order for the table to last a long time, it must be stored in a dry place. We can also print on the beer benches. Please send us an email enquiry if you are interested in this option. 

All you need to know about the photo beer table

  • several formats possible
  • with or without white print
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