Placemat with photo

For a relaxed meal we have developed the photo placemat. It is made of thin PVC, which is of course easy to wipe clean - of course printed with your own photo.


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29.7 x 42 cm


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EUR 16,49EUR 132,22/m²

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Placemat with photo

A placemat with your own photo makes breakfast, lunch and dinner even more beautiful. We print your picture on such a placemat so that you can also shine individually at the dining table.

  • Place mat with photo
  • Place mat with photo
  • Place mat with photo
  • Place mat with photo
  • Place mat with photo
  • Place mat with photo

Photo placemat

Placemat with rounded corners

In the first step, we print the placemat on a stable PVC material with a thickness of 0.375 mm. To make it more stable and wipeable, we then cover the little helper with waterproof film. No spills, no wipes, no cleaning can now harm your image. You have the choice between matt or glossy foil.
We then round off the corners of the placemat to ensure maximum security. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Several placemats with several motifs

Of course you can also order several placemats with different photos. Let's assume four photos: Simply upload photo number 1 and then click on the "Same article with a different motif" button in the shopping cart. You're back to uploading photos and it's the turn of photo number 2. Simply repeat until all placemats are in the shopping cart.
The placemats are available in DIN A3 and DIN A4 format.  The placemat should not be exposed to direct sunlight for too long, otherwise the plastic may deform.

All you need to know about the photo placemat

  • made of strong, laminated PVC
  • up to DIN A3 format
  • crisp print
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