Buttons and pin badges

We print your individual buttons. Upload your design, WENZEL does the rest. As a give-away or gift idea.

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Mindestformat: 5 x 5 cm;
Maximalformat: 5000 x 5000 cm

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We produce pin badges and buttons for every occasion in any quantity, even single items. Whether you want to print your own photo for a birthday party, bachelor(ette) party, etc. or a logo for advertising at a trade show or promotional event, a button always grabs attention. Questions? Get in touch with us at any time, we're here to help.

The buttons have a visible diameter of 5.5 cm. To ensure that the design properly fills the area, the layout requires 6.4 cm. Please make sure therefore that your image is located in the centre of the design so that the edges are not cut off during production. Please note that production is limited to approximately 50 items per day. Designs are printed onto 100 gsm paper.

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