Laminating: professional and highly precise

We laminate your work on a medium of your choice. It doesn't matter whether it's aluminum dibond, wood, PVC, smart PVC, we ensure that your creation is presented successfully.

Laminating: Your work presented brilliantly

Laminating photos and fine art prints onto a solid support is one of our easiest exercises and guarantees a successful presentation of your work. On the one hand, you can have prints, drawings, etc. mounted on your desired material, or you can send us your motif and we will print it on our fine paper. Also possible: We scan your painting and print it out. We can also laminate the print on request. Detailed information on this can be found further down on this page. On this page you will also find an overview of the possible materials.

Laminate delivered images

You can hand in your prints, photos, drawings, etc. to us personally in Munich or send them to us by post. Our experts will then take care of your work carefully and conscientiously. Anything is possible up to a width of 150 cm. The format doesn't matter, we cut the carrier material - for example Alu Dibond, wood (e.g. MDF-Platte), Kapa or similar - with millimeter precision. We buy the high-quality laminating materials from our partners in the region, you get everything from a single source, which saves costs.

Have the data printed on art paper and laminated

Of course, we are happy to print your files - for example photos or designs – on art paper and then laminate them on one of our high-quality laminating materials. Regardless of whether you come to Munich or whether worldwide shipping is required. The print is made, for example, on barite paper, William Turner, Torchon or noble Leonardo canvas. Each material has its own advantages. We then laminate the print onto a material of your choice (more info below).

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Scan, print, laminate paintings

Do you have a painting that you would most like to “copy“? WENZEL has the solution: We simply place your work on the scan bed of our mega scanner "Hornet", which covers a format of up to 2x DIN A0. We deliver a printable file contact-free, gently and perfectly illuminated. We guarantee razor-sharp results up to a height of 16 cm. Printing and lamination take place as described above: You tell us the material and the desired format, and we will do the rest quickly and reliably.

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Laminating on different materials

Alu Dibond 

Alu Dibond is a rigid material with a black core like polyethylene. The carrier medium is available in thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm and 4mm. The maximum format is 150 x 250 cm. Alu Dibond is well suited for distance hangings. On request, we can attach a retaining rail to the back

Smart PVC or PVC

Both types of PVC, smart PVC and PVC are lightweight laminating materials, of which smart PVC is the lightest of the two (smart PVC is about 50% the weight of the PVC variant). These materials are ideal for framing. We offer Smart PVC in 5mm and 10mm thickness, PVC in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm. The maximum format is 150 cm x 250 cm.

On request, we are also happy to use other materials such as Kapa, ​​​​wood (MDF boards), screen-printed cardboard, etc.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us at any time.

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  • Laminating

The most important thing for laminating

  • on different materials
  • also from paintings after scanning and printing
  • photos, drawings, images, designs
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