PopUp Magnetic

The PopUp Magnetic comes with a huge area for your advertisement. You can build it up toolless and very fast. It is the ideal solution for trades, the POS etc.

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Maximalformat: 5000 x 5000 cm

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PopUp Magnetic

The PopUp Magnetic has two clear advantages for transport and flexible assembly: it weighs very little and requires no tools to set up or take down. With this flexible product, trade fair visits are bound to be a success. Contact us.

PopUp Magnetic

The graphic panels are held in place with magnetic rails. This means new prints can be designed and ordered at any time without having to order an entire new frame. Once the PopUp Magnetic has been set up, its frame fades into the background and viewers are able to concentrate fully on its message. Contact us.

There are very few individual parts. Besides the graphic panels, there is only an easily transportable, sturdy frame that can be folded up easily. A few locking pins provide support. With the PopUp Magnetic, you can choose between straight and curved versions as well as versions in 2x3, 3x3 and 4x3. Further information is included in this PDF. 

You can download the design templates here: 
here as a PDF, 
here as an AI file, 
here as an IND file. 

PLEASE NOTE: The visible area is always slightly smaller than the added surface of all graphic panels. Please include sufficient margin when creating your files. The size of the margin is detailed in this PDF. We deliver the PopUp Magnetic free of charge. 

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