WonderTack is an adhisive film without glue. It adheres to smooth surfaces without. This makes WonderTack reusable.


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WonderTack - Adhisive film without glue

The "wonderful" thing about the "WonderTack" material is that this film sticks to smooth surfaces without any adhesive at all. Microscopic suction cups ensure a secure hold on windows, smooth walls, doors or other flat surfaces. WonderTack can also be removed without leaving any residue and leaves no glue or residue. You can even reuse the material elsewhere after disassembly. In addition, WonderTack is wipeable. The adhesive side can thus be cleaned and is ready for use again after a short drying phase (see video below or here). WENZEL offers the variants white, transparent ("ghost") and transparent with white imprint (more information below). Contact us.

  • WonderTack
  • WonderTack
  • WonderTack
  • WonderTack
  • WonderTack
  • WonderTack

WonderTack: White, clear, or clear with white print

We offer the material WonderTack in three variants. The first variant is the "classic" form, i.e. we print your motif on white WonderTack film. The second option is to put your design on transparent/clear film, the material is called "WonderTack Ghost". Variant three is: "WonderTack Ghost with white imprint". Here you can decide which areas should be treated with "spot white" or partial/partial white printing. For example, the logo should be opaque, the rest may be translucent. The latter variant can only be ordered by e-mail.

All you nedd to know about Wonder Track

  • adhesive film without glue
  • no glue residue, reusable
  • white, transparent or transparent with white printing
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