Magnetic vinyl

Magnetic vinyl is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It can be used, for example, in car advertising (up to a maximum speed of 60 km/h or 35 mph) or changing advertising spaces.

1. Product

[?] x [?] cm
Für Werbefläche an Autos, Wechselnde Beschilderung, Hinweistafel, Wegweiser, Schmiegt sich gebogenen Flächen an (Autotür)

Nicht randabfallend bedruckbar, Druck soll mind. 1 cm weißen Rand umlaufend weiß betragen!

Produktion randabfallend mit dem Druck auf Folie und Kaschierung gegen Aufpreis möglich!

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3. Price

Price without tax:
EUR 50,46
VAT 19%:
EUR 9,59
EUR 60,05

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This material is also suitable for product identification on shelves, metal cabinets, for photos, displays, teaching materials etc. Magnetic vinyl is flexible and can be used flexibly as well. It clings seamlessly to slightly rounded surfaces. If treated with care, it will not demagnetise. Up to a width of 62 cm, the material is 0.85 mm thick, and from 62 cm upwards it is 0.90 mm thick. We are happy to send you a free printed sample. Simply order it online. Questions? Contact us.

  • Magnetic vinyl
  • Magnetic vinyl
  • Magnetic vinyl
  • Magnetic vinyl
  • Magnetic vinyl
  • Magnetic vinyl
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