Stencils for professional painting work

Professional stencil film for painters and varnishers. No undercutting of the film, precise work possible. Can also be used for rough, uneven surfaces and paintwork that is dry to the touch.

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Schablonenfolie - Aslan S41 für Lackierarbeiten, für raue Untergründe wie verputzte Wände und Fassaden, geprägte Platten etc. Rollenbreite: 125cm - Konturdatei bitte Uploaden

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Our stencil film is highly flexible and self-adhesive and adheres perfectly to rough surfaces, e.g. house walls. The material greatly facilitates painting and varnishing work indoors and outdoors.

For painters and varnishers: The stencil film from WENZEL

Stencil film also for rough facades

The stencil film or painter's film also adheres to rough walls or facades. This means that sharp-edged and precise lettering is possible even on difficult surfaces, especially since the color does not undermine the stencil, as it adapts to joints and unevenness. It doesn't matter whether it's facade advertising, trade fair construction, the design of interior walls or the attachment of lettering directly to the substrate: our painter's film is the best helper for excellent results. If you have any questions, you can of course contact WENZEL in confidence at any time, we will be happy to help you.

Stencil foil that adapts

The stencil foil combines several positive properties. For one, it's tear-resistant and resists impact, so it won't change with just a light touch. On the other hand, the film is also suitable for multiple coatings with touch-dry paints. Thirdly, with a square meter price of 59.00 euros, it is a very inexpensive solution for perfect results. The stencil film is also the material of choice for airbrush work or spraying work, for example on motor vehicles. Of course, we will cut the stencil film to fit you perfectly.

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Painter's film with a width of 1.25 meters

The dimensions of the film are 1.25 meters x 50 meters. i.e. there is something for every application in every size. The thickness of the foil is 0.08 mm, the cover is made of silicone cardboard with a weight of 140 g/sqm. The stencil film does not have to be applied wet. The surface finish of this PVC film is matt, transparent and colored light grey. The material can be labeled and the work area can be precisely defined. The removal is residue-free and in one piece. When gluing, the temperature should be plus 15 degrees Celsius, at minus 30 to plus 80 degrees Celsius the film will stick.

Do you have any questions about the stencil film? Feel free to contact WENZEL at any time.