Relief print

Relief print is linked to offset printing. We mix powder into the wet colour, bake it and make a releif. visible and touchable.

Relief print

Elegant print

Relief print is one of the classiest printing techniques. We produce business cards, writing paper, invitations, menus, greeting cards and many further printed articles besides using this technique. It goes without saying that our high quality ensures that even sophisticated demands are met. 

Tangibly beautiful releif print

In this printing technique, the ink is treated with a special powder and is heated. This “bakes” the motifs onto the paper, creating an embossed image that can be felt and reflects the light (see our photos). If required, we can make the embossing laserproof so it can withstand the heat generated by office printers. 

If required: Double-sided relief print 

Of course we offer double-sided relief print and relief printing in several colours. A combination of “flat” areas in normal offset printing and “raised” areas is not a problem either. Contact us for more information or a quote.

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