We print on everything. We really do! Lighters, skiboots, soap dispenser, pencils - everything you can imagine. One colour or up to five colours, everything is possible.

Pad printing - giveaways

Using pad printing, we can print onto any three-dimensional object, such as pens, glasses, USB sticks, ski boots, rulers, lighters, bottle-openers, measuring tapes, sweet tins, napkins and many more besides. 

Pad printing: Five coloures are possible

WENZEL is nearly the only company to offer five colour pad printing. Using this technique, we are able to comply with complicated specifications and produce high-quality results. Of course, we also provide one colour solutions – just as you wish! We can also create colour gradients.

The object to be printed can be flat, round or curved – neither is a problem. With pad printing, we are also happy to produce small batches from one item upwards. The larger the batch, the lower the price per item. What would you like? Just ask us! 

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