Lasering, shading

We laser or punch your design on any material: paper, acrylic, leather, wood, almost everything is possible. Be creative, we'll do the rest.


Laser stamping is a very precise way of styling and enhancing almost any type of object. We can apply this technique to produce business cards with cut-outs, Christmas cards, thank you cards, condolences cards, menus, invitations and much more besides. For example, we can laser emboss symbols into the material, or produce perforations for tearing. As well as paper, we also work with rubber, plastic, stone, metal, wood and many more materials. Questions? Please get in touch.

  • Laser punching
  • Laser punching
  • Laser punching
  • Laser punching
  • Laser punching
  • Laser punching

Laser punching with glass and fruit

With laser punching, it is also possible to cut out ovals and round shapes from acrylic glass so that the edges remains polished (and not rough sawn). We have even lasered fruits for our customers, as a healthy, biodegradable giveaway at trade fairs. The possibilities are limitless and there are limits to your creativity. We also laser paper for you (see photos) with millimetre precision - even down to a tenth of a millimetre.

Lasering symbols into cell phone cases

Another specialist application for laser stamping are cell phone cases. You can select between wood and leather upholstery cases (see photos). Motifs of all kinds are possible, even the fine detailed lines can be implemented. For the leather variant black and brown are available. When it comes to wood  we can source maple, cherry, walnut, rosewood and bamboo for you. 

Engraving from quantity 1

We take care of your wisches in terms of laser punching or engraving  from as little as 1 piece. But large quantities of flyers, tickets, official documents, certificates, packaging, labels and more are also possible. If required, we can only remove the top layer of paint from the material. Since there are no cliché costs, laser punching is inexpansive. Laser hatching and laser engraving are also possible.

Data delivery

With the data it should be noted that the maximum format of 32 x 45 cm must not be exceeded. Vector graphics are ideal processing: EPS, AI or PDF files with an outline thickness of 0.2 pt are suitable for our laser. Color gradients should not occur. Graphic files/image files are also possible for laser engraving, such as JPEG, TIFF, etc.

Everything you need to know about lasers

  • laser on almost all materials
  • hatching and engraving possible
  • extremely easy data delivery
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