Lasering, shading

We laser or punch your design on any material: paper, acrylic glass, leather, wood, almost everything is possible. Be creative, we'll do the rest.


Laser stamping is a very precise way of styling and enhancing almost any type of object. We can apply this technique to produce business cards with cut-outs, Christmas cards, thank you cards, condolences cards, menus, invitations and much more besides. For example, we can laser emboss symbols into the material, or produce perforations for tearing. As well as paper, we also work with rubber, plastic, stone, metal, wood and many more materials. Questions? Please get in touch.

  • Laser punching
  • Laser punching
  • Laser punching
  • Laser punching
  • Laser punching
  • Laser punching

Laser-stamped symbols on mobile phone cases

With laser stamping, it is also possible to cut out ovals and round shapes from acrylic glass so that the edges retain a polished appearance (as opposed to saw-cut). We have even applied laser techniques to customise fruit for our customers, something that makes a healthy, biodegradable giveaway at trade shows. The options are practically endless, with your imagination the only limit. We can even use lasers to cut paper (see photos) with millimetre precision (to one tenth of a millimetre, in fact).

Lasern von Symbolen in Handy-Hüllen

Another specialist application for laser stamping is mobile phone cases. We offer a choice of wooden and leather cases (see photos). Designs of any type are possible, with even the finest details recreated. In leather, choose from black or brown. In wood, we provide maple, cherry, walnut, rosewood and bamboo. 

Engrave a single item or more

We can produce laser stamped and engraved products as one-off items. But large quantities are no problem either, for example flyers, tickets, official documents, certificates, packaging, labels and more. If required, we can even remove just the top colour layer from an item, without damaging the material underneath. Because there are no plate costs, laser stamping is very cost-effective. Laser shading and laser engraving are also possible.

Data files

When sending data, please note that the maximum dimensions of 32 x 45 cm must not be exceeded.  The following vector graphic formats are ideal: EPS, AI and PDF files with an outline line width of 0.2 pt are suitable for our laser. Colour gradients should not be present. For laser engraving we can also process graphic/image files such as JPEG, TIFF, etc.

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