Business cards - because the first impression counts

With your business cards you can communicate your concept and yo can impress. We have the soloution for every need.


Business cards for every need

Business cards should never be just an afterthought. These ubiquitous little business essentials are simply too important for that. A well-designed card with high-quality printing can help to win and retain customers. We offer all the options you could need, starting with a cost-effective paper version – white, textured or an off-white shade that stands out from the crowd, the choice is yours. We offer attractive pricing on sets of 50 cards and upwards, with various design options (both sides, colour/black and white). If you order from us regularly, then we will be happy to discuss special pricing terms with you. Questions? Just let us know.

Specialist letterpress and relief printing

We offer two types of specialist printing for business cards: letterpress and relief printing. Letterpress cards are printed onto approximately 2 mm thick card and make a great first impression. With edge colouring, these business cards really cut a dash and are not easily dismissed.
The same applies to relief printing. Here we mix the printing ink with a special powder and "bake" the mixture to create a visible relief that you can also feel. This printing technique is ideal for invitations too. We can print on one side or both, using just relief printing or a mixture of techniques (e.g. only the logo in relief) – anything's possible.

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